Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Page Turning | Software To Increase | Your Sales

Are you looking for an efficacious way to increase your sales and profits as an entrepreneur or publisher? If so, then look no further way than this particular page turning software. By creating “flipping” books that look their very best, you may be able to attract more potential customers through your website.
Page turning programs create flipbooks. If you are, in any way, not familiar with what a flipbook is, this is actually a digital version of your published books, company magazines, journals, brochures and other documents. Nevertheless, this is not any run of the mill digital publication. This is a digital copy that has the singular ability to imitate the normal process of flipping the pages of a book or magazine in such a way that your readers will indeed feel... that they had the all wool and a yard wide copy in front of them.

Digital flipbook does not solely offer the “flipping” effect to your readers. Truth be told, it is accompanied with more and better features. Once you convert your PDF to page turn publications, you may be able to change its background so that it will match with your company website theme. Through this, your website is made more attractive and regaling for your readers and perhaps potential customers!

What's more, you can also add external and internal links on your flip book to your website or other websites. If you have a page flip of your shop’s brochure, you can use the link editor to add links to the products you are selling. You can also add your email address or your company’s email address for customer’s support. If you want to include additional information about a certain product on your flip book, you can certainly link it!

The position and size of the flip book interface can also be changed. Whenever a reader visits your website and views your page flip, he or she can actually resize it in any size that he or she prefers. This way, your reader can view the flash flip book no matter what their screen computer resolution is.

You can also search through the content of your flip books. When your PDF publication is converted, all the texts in the file are also extracted. This is an excellent feature for your valuable visitors since they don’t have to browse the brochure in its entirety or magazine just to find what they are looking for.

Your digital publication is also indexed into Google. This means that your magazine or brochure, even in a digital form, can be searched through Google. Thus, this gives you more possible visits into your page. Indeed, there are endless possibilities on every hand, if only you will use our flip book software.

With this page converting software, you can turn any of your publications into web brochures or online magazines at a very low cost. This is a viable solution that will lower down your expenses. For those people who do a lot of brochures, magazines, booklets and other items that need to be printed, this page turning program is an excellent solution.

This page turning software or digital publications perfectly fits in today’s generation when most people are spending much of their time in front of their computers. As a matter of fact, more and more people are going through the internet to shop, search for important information, gain profits and a whole lot more! Read more...

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