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EZ Wealth Network News: EZ Wealth Network Review

EZ Wealth Network News: EZ Wealth Network Review: By Mike Banacheck: I'm compelled to writing this review of EZ Wealth Network in response to many of the inquiries I have received over sev...

Be Curious Always!: EZ Wealth Network Review

Be Curious Always!: EZ Wealth Network Review: By Mike Banacheck: I'm compelled to writing this review of EZ Wealth Network in response to many of the inquiries I have received over seve...

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Be Curious Always!: EZ Wealth Network Review

Be Curious Always!: EZ Wealth Network Review: By Mike Banacheck: I'm compelled to writing this review of EZ Wealth Network in response to many of the inquiries I have received over seve...

EZ Wealth Network Review

By Mike Banacheck: I'm compelled to writing this review of EZ Wealth Network in response to many of the inquiries I have received over several months regarding the integrity...Being a successful online marketer for the better part of a decade I receive many requests regarding scores of online businesses as to the viability, integrity, legitimacy etc. The problem is that it's impossible to address all the concerns from the folks germane to online businesses cropping up by the millions, so it seems. Ergo, I must pick my spots (because time is money) in terms of breaking down an online business. Frankly, reviewing EZ Wealth Network is time well spent because indeed, there's quite a buzz surrounding it and I certainly believe in helping the folks make a wise decision in terms of moving forward with or without... Let me be clear on one thing I have absolutely no vested interest in this opportunity nor do I plan on having an interest, because I already have many irons in the fire insofar as my concerns go. But, by the same token there are millions of people who aren't successful online marketers or who are entertaining the idea of jumping in the deep end in terms of starting an online venture. What's more are in the dark in consonance with what's what on the internet in terms of having a fighting chance at creating an income that may turn into something that will liberate them in terms of their finances---namely "financial freedom". One of the central reasons I'm a successful online marketer is due to the fact that I'm a no nonsense guy that does not fall prey to all the bells and whistles in life let alone online business in all its manifestations. I'm a bottom line guy and all I ask of any online business? Is this a genuine opportunity that if I work it... I will have a real shot at seeing some solid results. Look, there are no guarantees of "get rich quick", "fire your boss", "quit your job in 30 days"---I think you get my drift...This is all marketing hype in order to hook you into the opportunity and separate you from your money---that's what advertising is for better or worse, and every business opportunity on the internet employs the same tactics in order to draw in potential customers. Don't let this kind of stuff excite you into making an emotional decision that you'll probably regret, and on the flip side don't let this stuff turn you off to the point of not making the correct decision in terms of moving forward with the opportunity. In the final anaylsis, what matters is the core concept and if it truly makes the grade, sales hype notwithstanding. The core concept of EZ Wealth Network is the question as to why you're here.... The answer is forthcoming posthaste. I like to keep my reviews short and sweet and to the heart of the matter, in other words no nonsense---I trust you'll appreciate my brevity. I spent a good deal of time over at the website and the first thing that struck me was the cogent and beneficial, but not wordy audio presentation that gave a brief overview of the program... That is to say, they did a good job captivating the potential customer into hanging around and taking the next step in terms of actually reading the website and becoming a customer---that's half the battle. Naturally, my next step was reading the website many times over and digesting the concept to the best of my ability. What I appreciate about the website in terms of presentation was that it was very clear and straightforward, just like the audio. What I appreciate even more and more importantly is that the fundamental concept is sound i.e., blog marketing---it's the wave of the future if it isn't already. A little secret that you may not be aware of; search engine algorithms are becoming more and more content driven which dovetails perfectly into blog marketing, therefore the people who are positioning themselves now will be rewarded...The people who are relying on the old SEO techniques will soon be kicked to the curb---pardon the expression. Eventually all roads will lead thru content driven marketing and this company has the foresight to understand this hard fact, and by virtue of this understanding are positioning themselves for major prosperity. Perhaps you are wondering the why and wherefores behind the mechanics of content driven marketing of which this company codifies? Well, I'm not going to bore you to tears with all the intricacies, but what I can submit to you is that this company is tapping into a massive  and burgeoning traffic source that will lead to many sales conversions ---the name of the game! So long as they stay true to the seminal concept of content driven marketing this company will be successful and will certainly be a dynamite opportunity for one and all. Moreover, the genius and beauty of this opportunity is that they have made it extraordinarily easy to take advantage of...Meaning all you have to do is plug in as a sharer or as a blogger and let them and the content driven algorithms of the search engines take over from there... Remember, no online business can guarantee you riches (that's marketing hype) only the opportunity to gain riches, and for a modicum of money you can tap into this resource and have a great chance at making some darn good money and maybe even get rich---that's all you can ask of any legitimate online business opportunity. For those folks who are balking at the money that you'll have to invest to take advantage of this opportunity I frankly feel like you need to reconsider your reservations because it really doesn't get much better than this in terms investment on the internet---look around and do some research and you'll categorically see that I'm on solid ground. For those folks who are dug in, in terms of the "price too much" you really need to get off the internet and stay with your day job, because you're crazy if you don't think you'll have to spend some money to make money on the internet and that's a cold hard fact that you had better come to grips with for sure. Online marketing is a tough business and viable opportunities are few and far between in respect to making money online. When one comes along you've got to strike while the iron is hot because the internet moves at the speed of light nowadays. Therefore, if you are seriously considering this particular online money making opportunity I highly recommend this online business for the aforementioned reasons. The bottom line: Blog marketing, content driven marketing or however you want to say it is here to stay...Inasmuch as old SEO techniques are out; blog marketing techniques are that much in and are becoming more effective and salient by the pico second. The companies that embrace this notion will stand a great chance at being successful and EZ Wealth Network is one of the companies that will, and for those folks who are plugged into the network they'll have a great chance too.  Click here to go to the website... Pingates

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Be Curious Always!: Thoughts on assisted living, aging, Dad, and guilt...

Be Curious Always!: Thoughts on assisted living, aging, Dad, and guilt...: by Dr. Jeffrey Lant Author’s program note. Here is the most important four-letter word in the entire English language: home. It conjures ...

Thoughts on assisted living, aging, Dad, and guilt.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant
Author’s program note. Here is the most important four-letter word in the entire English language: home. It conjures up and is connected to every element of the well-lived life: spouse, family, peace, comfort, security. Nothing can match its importance, nothing can duplicate its significance. Nothing is more powerful than our memories of home and their enduring pull, always tugging at our heart strings. Home and its rhythms, its well remembered aspects, its secrets, its traditions, its confidences, its ways so well known and carefully maintained… these have a power over us that never fails, never pales, never wavers, never diminishes, and are always clear, fresh, joyful, unforgettable, bittersweet, haunting, the sweetest memories of our entire life.
This is an article on the moment that comes to each of us… when this home, our very special, irreplaceable place, must be given up because its proprietors can no longer maintain it, now needing particular care themselves. This is an article about a moment poignant, sad, dreadful, irrevocable. It is about the people who take this step first, our parents… then about their children, us, who will trod the difficult road, too, but not yet… and what they must do today, a day of emotional turmoil, distress, a day for which all preparation is inadequate.
For this article I have selected the song “My Old Kentucky Home” (1852) by America’s first great composer, Stephen Foster. It is one of the most wistful, longing songs of our country… and whenever one hears it one thinks, and tearful too, of one’s own home, now gone, far away, never to be replaced, always to be remembered, the more so as the destination you are now going to can never be a home like the one left behind. Go now to any search engine. Find and play it at once. It is the perfect accompaniment to this article.
The call.
The call we all fear, cannot bear thinking about, but must think about — comes the day our aging parents first consider assisted living, whether outwardly calm and willing, or fighting the hopeless battle to avoid this fate, roiled by turbulent emotions deep within, so clearly visible without.
Assisted living.
The words “assisted living” are two of the most frightening and disturbing in our language. It is easy to see why. Assisted living is mostly the province of the retired, the ill, the aging, geriatric survivors of better times. As such it is a venue to be put off and avoided whenever possible, for as long as possible; as much so as if each assisted living facility had posted at its front door this immemorial admonition from Dante’s “Inferno”: “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”
Such institutions are perceived as the final way station before cosmic extinction; the place one enters unhappy, angry, misunderstood, and which one leaves dead; the place for the irremediably old, those who are past it, marginal, unconsidered, beyond the care and concern of anyone other than those paid to care and be concerned; lonely people of the Eleanor Rigby variety.
All of life…
Assisted living, with its implied inadequacies and dependence, is always and often indignantly compared to the joy of independent living, where you do what you want, when you want, with whom you want, in just the way you want; in other words the kind of living each of us desires, insists upon, and does everything possible to maintain. Assisted living, of course, is widely perceived as the antithesis of the desired independent living.
But this is wrong.
ALL living is assisted living. For unless you are rabidly antisocial and determined to remain that way, alone, isolated, happy and contented in your aloneness, you are assisted — every single day — by people whose aim is to make you reasonably happy, reasonably content, and reasonably comfortable. Thus, in truth, when one moves from living regarded as independent to living regarded as assisted, one is evolving from one kind of care to another kind of care; one is tweaking circumstances the better to ensure the maximum continuation of your desired life style. One is not undergoing metamorphosis, but comparative and necessary improvement.
Sadly, most people undergoing this process are unable to see this, or at least to state it to guilt-ridden relatives who are thus distressed by the painful thought that Aunt Martha is being cast off rather than moved to an appropriate level of care, concern, and consideration. Most assisted living facilities these days resemble college campuses or resorts; they know the grief, anger, recriminations and distress which new residents bring and work hard to create an atmosphere that is at once attractive, even beautiful; livable, practical, and serene, factors which soothe the guilt of those recommending assisted living to those near and dear but are often dismissed as inadequate or unimportant by those being recommended into the facility.
Receiving the intelligence.
Twice in my life, so far, have I been a participant to greater or lesser degree, in conversations surrounding the movement of one near and beloved to assisted living. The first such conversations involved my mother; the second set involved my father. These conversations could hardly have been less similar — or more instructive about the principals involved and affected.
My mother, student of Dylan Thomas that she was, did not, nor could not, go gentle into this good night. She raged, raged against what she was sure was the dying of the light. Despite weakening health and the myriad of problems stemming therefrom my mother fought hard, strenuously, vociferously, painfully against the notion of “incarceration” in an assisted living facility, thereby branded as penal institution, not comfortable necessity. Her transition from living deemed independent to living deemed assisted was therefore protracted, painful, packed with imprecations, denigrations, accusations, maledictions which made Emile Zola’s famous declaration “J’accuse” look sniveling.
My father handled the matter entirely different… and I suspect this was partly because he will have with him his wife Ellie; to be alone at life’s end is painful; to be partnered with a loved mate lessons the pain while increasing the means to combat and to live with it.
Sad, wistful, practical, accepting.
When my father called yesterday to inform me that he and Ellie had made arrangements to share their dwindling, most precious days together in assisted living, I felt a lump in my throat. He extolled the grounds, their private apartment, the food, the friendly residents… but whether he believed all this as stated or was just trying out what would become the stock reason or their move, I cannot say… for I was reflecting on a few words that he had said.
Entering the dining room where they would find their daily meals, he was surprised to find it peopled with the old, feeble, and infirm. Could this be he at 86, Ellie at 87? Or had some mistake occurred? She, knowing how difficult it had to be for him to transform his independent life to one “assisted”, took his hand and reassured him that no mistake was made; they were in the right place, which he would soon know, if he did not know already. And thus these proud, fiercely independent souls, more used to assisting others than being assisted, move into the next phase of their lives, together, facts faced, practical decisions made, gently, calmly, with love and care. And I admired my father so, not merely as son to father, but as man to man. For he faced the difficult, the fearful, the unpalatable, with grace, quietude, reserve, with good judgement, good humor, and a good wife, well stocked and ready for the journey ahead… which they will travel similarly and with kindness, above all with kindless and the help of those glad to assist them, and with kindness too.
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