Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Online Advertising | GEA Review

Internet marketing is my bailiwick for a good many years... I did everything according to hoyle for those goodly amount of
years, and time after time I ended up throwing up my arms by virtue of the fact that I simply coudn't get over the hump,
that is to say really make handsome money commensurate with all the blood, toil, tears and sweat... Really the only thing I could do was smile through my tears as another day, month, year past with little to no results. I was within an ace of throwing in the towel...and then I got lucky (I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. ~Thomas Jefferson). Pardon the cliche, but this great stroke of luck was just what the doctor ordered. What was the great stroke of luck you ask? In words of one syllable, it was GEA!
I believe discipline, thought and control are central to a happy and successful life...and a little luck to boot doesn't hurt any, manifesting itself through GEA, the seminal reason I'm a successful online marketer today.

GEA is a company that specializes in internet promotion and marketing services for almost ten years.
What they do is provide those services to online and offline business that need expertise in the marketing and promotion arena.
Whether you're an affliliate marketer, have your own website or perhaps you have an offline business that needs a more salient
internet presence to generate more revenue GEA's dynamic services will get the job done like nobodies business and you can take that to the bank---another cliche, please pardon me.

How do they do it? Well here it is:
  • PPC/Search marketing campaigns powered by Yahoo, Google, MSN(Bing), Facebook.
  • Directory, article, SMS,(Cell phone text ads), email marketing and search engine submissions.
  • Send targeted visitors to your website by building backlinks and using autoresponders. Now in terms of the autoresponders these potential customers are sent email messages every three days to remind them to visit your URL.
These services are smartly integrated and interwoven into your business and will produce maximum results in short order.
Per chance it doesn't work out as planned they will give you a refund no questions asked. But that rarely happens,
because over the space of ten years serving thousands of customers they only had to refund money on three occasions.

For a song you can get started working with GEA and that nicely dovetails into the most important thing, above all else in respect to them...
CUSTOMER SERVICE. I truly believe customer service is part and parcel in business, and sorely lacking in the internet world.
GEA is a breath of fresh air because not only do they come through in flying colors in terms of making their clients money, they
keep you in the loop thoughout the entire process from jumpstreet...You can call them and actually reach a live person. How many internet businesses can you say that about? What's more, when you email them you get a prompt response. Again, how many internet businesses
can you say that about? The bottom line, their customer service is second to none. In all my years on the internet I've never encountered a
company with such service. They really are the Gold Standard.

From top to bottom GEA is a company worth doing business with. The sum and substance of GEA has remained on the beam for a good many years and will remain on the beam moving forward, ergo I highly recommend their esteemed services to anyone and everyone in the internet game. It will be the best decision you've ever made, and you won't have to worry anymore about internet marketing and promotion because it will be the last and best place you turn to for those services.

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  1. Nice post! FYI you've got a typo in the headline - Advertsing.

  2. The folks at GEA must love you!Nice overview of an excellent company. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for visiting my blog too. : ) Happy New Year!