Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 Tips to | Make Your Ex-Girlfriend | Want You Back

Sick and tired of seeing your ex girlfriend with someone else? Tired of missing her and wondering where in the world she is and what she’s doing? Wondering how on earth you’re going to make your ex-girlfriend want you back? Your circumstance may appear quite bleak at the moment, but you just need to know a few right buttons to push to get her to clap eyes on you again. Here are 5  trenchant tips to make your ex-girlfriend want you back again.
#1 Listen to what she is really saying
It’s often true women don’t really know what they want but then perhaps you just don’t know how to really listen to her. Take a moment and reflect on the why and wherefore of the relationship ending. Did you truly feel her reasons for breaking up was honest? Did some things she say touch a core with you and do you think maybe these are the moments you need to sit up and pay attention? Understand where your girlfriend was coming from and start planning in earnest to do something about it.
#2 Being confident.
You might have heard about this canard that women are attracted to ‘confident’ men. Teasing aside, how do you honestly feel you fit into this role? Before you start beating down on yourself and saying perhaps you don’t have what she wants, straight up and get real! You clearly DO have the confident qualities all women want because she wanted you! If you feel you have slacked in some respects, stop and get back on top of things. Being confident is about accomplishing things but most important ‘knowing’ in your mind you CAN accomplish before you do! Work on your beliefs and your mindset first.
#3 Get active.
We all know we can get lazy, often more than we’d like to admit. The best time to stop this habit is right now because exercising and keeping busy is a great way to keep your own mind off your ex. Start some light jogging in the morning or afternoon. Join a gym or actually GO if you have joined a gym. Start exercising with a buddy or take up a new sport. Don’t sit around and watch TV as soon as you get home. Make plans with yourself and with others and certainly stick to it.
#4 Make a firm decision to go into No Contact
If you’re going to start No Contact, best you be serious because the power of NC only works if you actually stick to your guns about it. This goes back to your mindset. To truly pull this off, you have to know precisely WHY you’re doing it and believe you’re doing it for ‘your own good’.
#5 Don’t allow her to use you as a doormat.
This goes back to guinely showing her you’re a confident and independent person who doesn’t NEED her in your life. Don’t give her permission to take advantage of you because she knows you want her back. Be firm and foursquare with her and make sure you set boundaries. After all you’re not her boyfriend anymore.
Your ex-girlfriend will want to come back if she sees that you’re better than anyone else in her life right now. You also want to show her that you don’t ‘need’ her in your life and you’ll be in fine feather without her. After all no one wants a clingy and desperate boyfriend.
Want to know why so many get it wrong? There are many pitfalls you need to watch out for as they are designed to lead us deliberately off course. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be sure to be on the beam... headed in the right direction. Read more...

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