Monday, December 5, 2011

Why visitors | leave your site | without buying

There are many, many businesses that create what they believe to be a good website only to discover that visitors/potential customers are leaving their website without buying anything or responding to any call for action on the site. This is an all to common occurrence and can happen for a host of reasons. One of central reasons is that the website has not been effectively optimised for conversion. Clearly, converting visitors into customers can be a challenging task and unless you take the necessary steps tantamount to the sine qua non to persuade, encourage and entice visitors to take positive action whilst on your site you may begin  to wonder whether there is any point at all in having a website.

Effective optimisation of your website can result in a greater number of visitors converting into customers. Your main focus should not be on trying to increase the number of visitors to your website as a priority – it should be on trying to get the folks that do visit your website to become more than just visitors and actually respond to your call for action.

Consumers who purchase goods and services online have a boatload of choices these days, and unless you make your site attracticve for them they are likely to just close your website and head to the next one to take their business elsewhere. Some of the legitimate reasons why visitors/potential customers may leave your website without buying anything include the following:

·        Your site is badly laid out and poorly designed, making it difficult for them to find their way around and causing difficulties with navigation to other parts of your site

·        The content on your site is poor or inaccurate or the graphics are of poor quality. The appearance of your site and the credibility that comes from its design can make a big difference to whether a visitor sticks around or goes elsewhere

·        You do not provide a call to action in the appropriate places on the website. The visitor will not want to have to look around in order to find a facility to take the next step – the call to action button should be clearly located and easily accessible

·        You have not placed contact details in a place where they can be easily found. Some visitors may have a question before they make a purchase but if you make it difficult and frustrating to get your contact details they may head elsewhere. To learn more click here.

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