Friday, December 16, 2011

What You | Need to Know Before | You Conceive

The road to conception can be very a smooth path for some couples, while others find, much to their chagrin, that it can take years before they are able to become pregnant. While there are many important factors that can affect successful conception, understanding some basic things can make your journey easier. Per chance you are trying to conceive, here are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Know Your Monthly Cycle. One of the best ways to increase your chances of becoming pregnant is to fully understand how your monthly cycle works. Every woman is different and in some cases, every cycle is different. Before you conceive, take a few months to chart your cycle from beginning to end. Keep track of the first day of your period and when you ovulate.
This information will help you clearly determine when you are most fertile and indeed when you should be scheduling intercourse. It may not be very romantic to schedule it in, but if you do want to conceive--that's the bottom line, you have to be able to make hay while the sun is shining in order to take advantage of that window of opportunity when it arrives at your doorstep.
2. Predict Your Monthly Ovulation. In order to find that optimal window of opportunity, you have to know when you ovulate. There is a period of five days within each cycle that you are at your most fertile. The three days preceeding ovulation and the day following ovulation. Once you know when this occurs, you can greatly increase the likelihood of fertilization.
Bear in mind, that once an egg is released from an ovary, it only has a period of 24 hours when it remains viable. It is of the highest magnitude to make sure that you are having intercourse as close to the date that you ovulate as possible. While you can become pregnant at any time during those five days, it is best to try to time your ovulation and intercourse as closely as possible.
3. Get Healthy Ahead of Time. In order to be at your most fertile, you need to take good care of yourself. Start taking prenatal vitamins ahead of time and have yourself looked over by a doctor. If you have noticed any irregularities with your monthly cycles, talk to your doctor about it now. If you have questions about ovulation or learning more about your body, it is central to have these important questions answered ahead of time. Get plenty of rest and practice a healthy lifestyle. Try your level best to remove stress from your life and take good care of your body. You'll be asking it to undergo a great task over the next nine months and you ceratinly owe it to yourself and your future child to be as healthy as possible. Successful conception doesn't have to be pain in the neck. Although it can take a healthy couple a year to conceive naturally, by paying attention to this advice, you can increase your chances of becoming pregnant in less time. Remember, if you don't conceive right off the bat, don't get disheartened. Just keep trying and barring any fertility issues you should be able to conceive a happy and healthy baby. Click right here to learn more...

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