Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Roulette | Assault - Neither Fish Flesh | nor Fowl

The commercial Roulette Software game has a new player in town, and in this review, you are going to get the straight dope and learn all about it in short order. The new software goes by the name Roulette Assault, and it has become most worthy of this review because of its amazing new features that no other roulette software can compare to.
Over the last few months, I have seen several new roulette software products crop up in to the scene. The newest feature that most of them are boasting is automation. The software essentially does all the work for you, no mouse required.  In this vein, that is a good thing, but it doesn't really make the software any more unique than the traditional manual method of playing, simply because these other products don't offer anything unique about the actual strategies they implement.
The developers at Roulette Assault stepped up and not only created a completely automated roulette betting robot, but it looks like they did things a little differently as well.
The biggest difference that I noticed about the Roulette Assault software is that it doesn't utilize the sleeper system like the vast majority of its competitors.  This system waits for several "misses" of a section of the roulette board, and then starts placing bets using a progression.  Although Roulette Assault offers the sleeper system as one of the systems the player can use, it also has 3 additional systems the player can implement, such as the Six Point Divisor system, the Double Dozens system, and the Progressive Singles system.
When it comes to using a roulette system, there should be a  viable means to test it without having to place a single red cent on the roulette table.  Roulette Assault has a feature called "foreplay mode" that does this. You can set the robot up to spin the roulette wheel and collect numbers and play them against a fictitious game.  That is to say, it plays the game inside itself while keeping track of the balance and settings you have set.
Roulette Assault can also store the previous numbers using the History feature.  Recording the history will save the player oodles of time because it can take several hours to record 30,000 or more "real money" spins to test a system.  Best of all is that when you are satisfied with the number of spins you have recorded, you can then tweak whatever system and settings you desire to use and run it against the analyzer.  The analyzer is another superb feature.
Although there are several more features that Roulette Assault offers, I will not go over them here because they are very "nice-to-have", but are explained in great depth on the Roulette Assault website.  The aforementioned features are all wool and a yard wide unique to Roulette Assault, and the rest are common amongst various commercial roulette systems. Click here to learn more...

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