Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Review of | Flight Simulator Plus | The Game

Gamers who delight in the tremendous thrill of playing simulation games will have an affinity for the new flight simulator plus, now available online. This game creates an extraordinarily realistic environment both inside and outside the airplane. Players are not limited to just a few select models of aircrafts... Indeed,they have more than one hundred and fifty different models to choose from. Each one is modeled after an authentic aircraft so the folks can experience the thrill and amazement of flying the craft of their dreams. The cockpit controls are also designed to replicate those used in the real planes so there is no fantasy flight operation that is not real all the way down to the ground.
Moreover,to the great options available for the type of plane you can use, there are over ten thousand different airports and runways to boot. These are real world airports and runways, just like in the real world. You can experience flying in and out of airports all over the world and in all kinds of weather conditions. If you want to fly out of your local airport or from a real life airport in Hawaii, you can!
As the gamer you get full authority to control the type of weather you want to encounter during your flight. People who want a real challenge in their flight simulator games can create thunderstorms will realistic lightning strikes and air turbulence. You have the ability to view the surrounding landscapes as your airplane glides across different types of terrain including mountains, oceans and big city skylines. To help create the most realistic scenery this program uses the same ground mapping system as the military. Everything is recreated in a 3D style,just the same, the program also has the ability to function in a 2D environment so it can be played on computer systems that do not have 3D capabilities. This simulation program is so technologically advanced it is used to train professional pilots. Best of all, once you purchase the product license you have carte blanche to install it on as many computers as you want. For good measure, you also get full access to any and all updates that are made for the program.
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