Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3DAstronomer | vs. other programs | review

What features/characteristics makes 3DAstronomer vastly different from the majority of planetarium software?
What makes 3DAstronomer so remarkable? So unique?  For starters, vis-a-vis most planetarium software, 3DAstronomer doesn't confine you to the surface of planet earth. You can indeed travel like nobodies business throughout the spectacular solar system, to any of over 100,000 stars, or even beyond the galaxy if you feel like you need to explore new horizons---pretty cool! What's more, 3DAstronomer is the most realistic program out there hands down! Form following function, it's realistically plotted celestial objects orbit the sun in real-time. Every conceivable object floating in and through space has been assiduously added to the 3dAstronomer program, including all of the planets and their moons. The program even contains the catalog of 3,840 near-earth asteroids (NEAs) to observe as they blaze a course through space. Witness and study all of these objects in three dimensions, from various points of view, while traveling through space in real-time or at hyper-speed---hold on to your hat! The cherry on the sundae and most important cogent point of all, that engenders tremendous value and quality, is that 3DAstronomer is fully committed--- in for a penny in for pound in terms of staying ahead of the game, bringing its users cutting-edge astronomical discoveries. 3DAstronomer was designed to grow and evolve as our knowledge of the universe grows; there is no end, no limit to what we can discover. Click here to learn more...

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