Saturday, December 3, 2011

Duplicate | Content - Things to | Know

Duplicate content is a main issue for website owners by virtue of the fact it adversely affects their ranking in Duplicated content decreases a website's relevancy value in the eyes of the search engines, ergo its ranking suffers as a result. Sometimes, it's not that they want to use duplicate content but they are unaware that similar content already exists on the internet.
Search engines akin to Google disapproves of duplicated content. Your website can be ignored or even be banned. That is why it is best for you to abrogate duplicate content as early as possible to avoid hassles in your website's ranking.
Bear in  mind that because there are millions of websites that can be found on the Internet, users usually don't like seeing duplicate contents, be it unintentional or intentional. It affects your website's credibility and authority in the eyes of the users.
The first clear strategy to remove duplicate content is to create unique articles. In this way your website can be promoted to other article based websites to bootl. Keep in mind that you don't always need to write the unique articles yourself. You can certainly hire research content writers to do the job for you.
Just make absolutely sure that their main function is to create unique articles. The articles they write should not be similar to other articles on the internet and point out the keywords that you deisre to be optimized as well.
Search engines like Google have spiders that crawl the web on a regular basis and they normally discount content that have similarities. Although there is no such animal as a duplicate penalty for Google, it is still a good idea to remove duplicate content especially if it is detected on your site.
Remember that your website's content should have relevant information. Create unique articles that contain information that are high in standard and relevant to the masses to ensure that it is viewed in a favorable light by the search engines.
Do not forget that Google can indeed, sooner or later, probably sooner, consider you a spammer or having a malicious purpose if too many duplicated content appears on your website so be vigilant about what you publish---lest you'll be deemed a spammer and your website rankings will go through the floorboard.
To make it smoother for you, there are useful tools available to help you remove duplicate content. These tools will clearly indicate that you have a similar content to other websites especially in articles, page titles, URL's and other elements that can be detected.
It will also help measure the keyword density and similar texts in your content. Although it will cost you more, it is a worthwhile investment since you are trying to optimize your website including its vital contents.
Always review your website's content and check if search engine spiders will definitely accept and rank your content. You can use the robot.txt file to help you detect any issues.
Detect the issues as early as possible and remove duplicate content ASAP. This should be done without any hesitation since it will compromise and undermine your all important rank in the search engines.
Always be updated since search engines like Google are always on the qui vive for duplicate contents.
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